Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life with a 8 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE?⁣I’m so excited to announce 8 Week shred challenge !The challenge is called Back Outside because we are now transitioning to this new normal healthy way of living and this is great way to kick start your results the platform.


Eight weeks, 30 to 60 minutes , 5 days a week to crush this challenge! There are no excuses because I’m going to join the challenge with you even with running a small business, working full time, and battling back from Achilles surgery🏿.⁣I’m dedicated to getting you the results you want for this summer. REAL work, REAL struggle, and experience REAL results.⁣⁣Join us so you can be in the first 10 participants.


The first 10 to register will receive my #1 ebook Good vibes Recipe Book for free. These delicious and nutrition recipes will help you stay disciplined! Let’s focus together!⁣#8weekshredchallenge#backoutside

1. The Most Effective and effcent workouts 

2. Burn more calories than you consume,

3. Mindful about the calories you are consuming

4. Learn about yourself so you can progress from where you are at (Beginner, Intermediate, Experinced, Advanced Elite)

5. Fall in love with process so that can live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

8 Week Shred Challenge